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Video-assisted thoracic surgery VATS has assumed greater importance in the management of pleural disease. Since 1990, we have performed VATS procedures to manage a variety of pathologic pleural processes in 306 patients. Patients undergoing VATS for empyema are likely to be converted to open procedure i.e. decortication in 3.8–40% depending on the delay in decision even as early as in Stage II [17,51]. There is a recent shift to muscle-sparing. Empyema–VATS In stage II, VATS is done via double-lumen intubation anesthesia; however, single-tube intubation initially is useful to enable preoperative bronchoscopy. Conversion to double-lumen intubation then enables one-lung ventilation and total collapse on the surgical side, affording the best overview and tissue protection. Clinical history and surgical management of parapneumonic empyema what is the role of video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery VATS? Pleural empyema represents a frequent disease, characterized sometimes by blurred and unspecific signs or symptoms but requiring timely diagnosis in order to plan the most appropriate therapeutic regimen.

However, role of VATS in stage III empyema is still debated. Recently, VATS procedure has a rapid increasing role in thoracic surgery. VATS have become a golden tool for the surgical management for fibropurulent pleural space. How is an empyema treated by thoracoscopic surgery? The procedure is a major procedure and is undertaken under general anaesthesia. Three to four small incisions are made over the chest and tubes called ports are placed. A. 2 This booklet gives you information and advice on recovering after your video assisted thoracoscopy. Although you will have been given advice on this during your hospital stay, it can be difficult to remember everything. We hope you.

More modern techniques such as thoracentesis VATS can be alternatively performed for empyema cases that are discovered early on. This procedure is less invasive than full thoracotomy and involves the use of an endoscope to. Patients proven to have an infected pleural effusion by thoracentesis and who satisfy laboratory criteria for intervention are candidates for thoracoscopic decortication. When the empyema is in the exudative or fibrinopurulent stage and. Thoracoscopic management of empyema thoracis Michael A Wait, Daniel L Beckles, Michelle P aul, Margaret Hotze, Michael J DiMaio Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, University of T exas, Southwestern Dr T.

Case Report: Dual port thoracoscopic decortication of empyema Presentation: A 38-year-old woman presented to the local hospital with fever, pneumonia, chest pain and an elevated leukocyte count of 25,000. Initial chest x-ray.

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